Group of companies Soft Xpansion International offers services in developing document management systems, electronic archive systems, portal solutions based on software technologies and platforms such as Alfresco, Documentum Microsoft SharePoint and К2.

Soft Xpansion International has office in Germany, Czech Republic and Ukraine.

Soft Xpansion International proposes standard and customized solutions to the government sector, bank sector, enterprise sector, and business.

Document management systems are presented by two solutions: SX-DMS based on Alfresco Community Edition platform and SX-DMS-SP based on Microsoft SharePoint. SX-DMS has releases for the government sector (SX-Government) and for business (SX-Business).

The functionality of the systems covers all of the main business processes of different institutions and allows to customize business processes and systems to customer requirements:

  • The employee's office
  • Documents flow
  • Archives
  • Applications and services
  • Production processes
  • HR-procedures
  • Project Management
  • IT services
  • Software development for engineers

Soft Xpansion International supports its partners in the promotion, sale and implementation of the systems.

As a part of the support services for their clients and partners Company can perform a full cycle of the development based on Alfresco, EMC Documentum и Microsoft SharePoint platforms: preparing requirements, specification and infrastructure project, development and testing, preparing environment, installation and adjustment, go-live, support, migration to the new systems, integration with the other systems etc.

Group of companies
Soft Xpansion International

soft Xpansion GmbH & Co.KG,
Bochum, Germany

Czech Republic

Soft Xpansion Professional
Services s.r.o.
Voskovcova 1130/28,
Hlubočepy 152 00 Praha 5

Tel.: + 420 234 280 612
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Soft Xpansion Ukraine
пр. Космонавтів, 30-А офіс 521
21021, м. Вінниця, Україна

Tel./fax: +380 43 250 71 40
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