The internal audit recommendations archive is an automated system for creating, registering, implementing and monitoring recommendations made as the result of auditing.

This system enables you to reduce the time for forming, searching and processing audit recommendations significantly, to improve the employee performance to simplify the interaction of employees in different departments, to ensure the security and reliability of information storage, as well as to delimit the access rights to audit recommendations.

Features and Advantages:

  • Maintenance of a three-level electronic database of audit results in the context of audit reports, observations and audit recommendations
  • The process of managing the implementation of recommendations with the possibility of cascading / delegation
  • Tools for monitoring and monitoring the implementation of audit recommendations
  • The sub-process for recalling the recommendation by the head of the IES (Internal Audit Service)
  • Sub-process for rescheduling of the deadline of carrying out the recommendation
  • Sub-process of changing the responsible director and executors
  • Flexible delimitation of access rights to information, depending on the role and position of the employee, the type of information and the status of the document
  • Flexible search of documents in the repository using various attributes. The ability to export search results to MS Excel
  • Availability of a system of regular reminders to the employee in case of non-fulfillment of the assignment within the allotted time, with the possibility of sending a notice to his supervisor
  • Recording all actions with the document in the document history
  • Creation of various reports on the status of audit recommendations both for the current moment and for historical data for any date (including graphical reports)
  • Reduction of time of forming, searching and processing the audit recommendations
  • Increasing the efficiency of the customer's employees
  • Simplifying the interaction of employees in various customer departments in the process of working with the archive of recommendations
  • Strengthening the control of employee performance
  • Tracking status, timing and progress of the recommendations
  • Ensuring the security and the reliability of information storage and delimiting the access to the information

Advantages of working with us:

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