"SX-Government" is an electronic document management system, specially adapted for state authorities and local self-government.

SX-Government takes into account all the important nuances associated with the specifics of work in government bodies.

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"SX-Business" is a system that meets all the latest requirements of electronic document management, developed specifically for commercial enterprises and organizations.

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Functional advantages SX-DMS

  • Full-featured web-based interface (thin client)
  • Automated processes for all major types of documents
  • Ability to create your own processes with the help of the business process designer
  • Scan subsystem allows you to scan documents directly from the document card. Ability to use both streaming and non-streaming scanning
  • Wide opportunities for full integration with external systems
  • Ability to use an electronic digital signature to accurately identify the document and confirm its integrity
  • The possibility of automatically informing the users of the System via SMS and / or notifications to e-mail
  • Adaptive design for mobile devices
  • Improved system for monitoring the implementation of orders, resolutions and tasks
  • Document search subsystem, which allows you to find documents quickly by any attribute or combination of attributes, as well as by document content (full-text search)
  • Ability to create your own reports in the System
  • Resource reservation subsystem and Calendar of events
  • Subsystem of management of personnel issues
  • SX-DMS includes two main directions: "SX-Government" and "SX-Business"