Company «Soft Xpansion International» can perform a full cycle of the development based on Alfresco, EMC Documentum and Microsoft SharePoint platforms: preparing requirements, specification and infrastructure project, development and testing, preparing environment, installation and adjustment, go-live, support, migration to the new systems, integration with the other systems etc.
  • "SX-Government"
  • "SX-Business"
  • Employee’s office
  • Project management
  • Archives
  • Document management
  • Applications and services
  • HR-procedures
  • Production processes
  • IT-services


"SX-Government" is an electronic document management system, specially adapted for state authorities and local self-government. SX-Government takes into account all the important nuances associated with the specifics of work in government bodies.


"SX-Business" is a system that meets all the latest requirements of electronic document management, developed specifically for commercial enterprises and organizations.

Employee’s office

  • The main workspace for creating tasks, applications, documents, etc. – access to a common directory services and processes
  • Aggregated list of all problems with systems that have been put to workers; centralized calendar of the employee and his subordinates
  • Aggregated list of tasks that put the employee himself, status of their implementation
  • Consolidated search in the information environment, including external search engines
  • Business analyst and executive discipline reports
  • Collaboration – tasks to subordinates, flexible documents approval process, collaborate on documents in Office 365 environment (in case of relevant licenses)
  • Full support for mobile devices

Project management

  • Dashboard for project portfolios and individual projects
  • Project room to store and collaborate on documents, support the general methodology of the project
  • Management tasks in a project executive discipline


  • Archive of normative reference materials
  • Archive of court cases and legal documents
  • Archive of internal audit recommendations
  • Archive of scanned copies of accounting documents

Production processes

  • Legally significant workflow (integration with 1C)
  • Requests for the purchase of raw materials
  • Managing storage contracts


  • Helpdesk/ServiceDesk
  • Access to information resources
  • Application for equipment

Document management

  • Office: incoming, outgoing documents
  • The universal document approval process
  • The universal process "The task for the employee"
  • Processes for coordination of standard documents (orders, etc.)
  • Harmonization of contracts

Applications and services

  • Order a car
  • Meeting room booking
  • Order of stationery
  • Room cleaning order
  • Order scan documents
  • Updating proxies


  • Matching the holiday schedule
  • Application for leave
  • Application for certificate of employment
  • Dismissal of employee
  • Application for personnel search
  • Application for transfer of employee within the organization
  • Application development e-Learning
  • Application of survey / testing
  • Application training / electron exchange

Lucrative outsourcing for your company

  • Beneficial rates
  • High quality
  • Extensive experience in project implementation
  • Reliable partnership
  • Flexible organization and management of projects
  • Complete execution of the software development.