SX-Business - electronic document management system for enterprises and organizations, which combines classical document management and basic management functions.

The SX-Business system is the own development of Soft Xpansion International on the basis of the Alfresco Community platform, which is one of the leaders in the segment of Enterprise Content Management.

SX-Business provides reliable, transparent and controlled execution of automated processes of all main types of documents, the generation of various reports, the formation of an electronic archive of documents, the maintenance of personnel and personnel documentation, and much more.

The Security module of Electronic document management system SX-Business meets the requirements of normative documents on technical protection of information in Ukraine with the security assurance level G2.

  • Incoming document processing
  • Outgoing document processing
  • Processing of Internal Documents
  • Processing of Assignments
  • Processing of contracts
  • Calendar of events
  • Access rights
  • Advanced document search (including full-text search)
  • "Personnel management" functionality
  • Advanced orders execution functionality (including automatic identification of main and secondary performers)
  • Document approval functionality (parallel and sequential)
  • Employee Substitution functionality
  • Functionality of two-way relations between documents
  • "Manager-Assistant" functionality
  • Control of execution of documents and assignments
  • Business Administrator functionality
  • Adaptive design for mobile devices
  • Integration with the "third" system
  • Electronic Digital Signature
  • All the functionality of the Basic package
  • Processing of Protocols
  • Processing of Orders
  • Business Process Designer
  • Report Designer
  • Improved functionality of document management during the workflow (including returning the document to various stages of the workflow)

SX-Business: features and benefits

  • Full "thin client" - there is no need to install and update software on users' workstations. Easy access to functionality from mobile devices
  • Extensive control over the performance discipline: the ability to control the entire document or a specific assignment, the generation and analysis of relevant reports, quick search and visual indication of tasks that are due or expired in due time
  • Possibility of cryptographic protection of data in transit
  • Ability to use an electronic digital signature to accurately identify a document and confirm its integrity
  • Extensive options for customizing the solution: you can develop your own processes, reports, custom forms without programming, in visual designers
  • Scan subsystem allows you to scan documents directly from the document card. Ability to use both streaming and non-streaming scanning
  • The product is developed on the Alfresco Community platform, which is one of the leaders in the Enterprise Content Management segment, which provides reliable secure data storage and high performance of the solution. No additional licenses are required for the operating system, database or application servers
  • Powerful integration capabilities - the system offers the possibility of flexible integration with other external or internal systems
  • Acceleration the processes of passing and coordinating documents within the organization. Reduction of mistakes while working with documents