The unified system of local electronic petitions is an automated system that enables citizens of a country to initiate new and support existing petitions to local governments.

The system allows for uniform approaches, rules of electronic applications and electronic petitions aimed at maximizing the convenience for citizens, budget savings. The system ensures the transparency of processes and improves the efficiency of local government officials in reviewing petitions.

The development of the Unified Local E-Petition System has been done on Microsoft SharePoint and ASP.NET MVC platforms. The project provides an adaptive web design based on Responsive Design ASP.NET MVC, which ensures that the System's site is properly displayed on different devices and is dynamically adjusted to the specified size of the browser window.

The System supports integration with the Active Directory service and external user databases. Identification of citizens is ensured by Bank ID (Data interchange protocol with the Auth 2.0 banking systems), electronic digital signature. The System uses an SMS gateway for automatic SMS messaging. Integration with Google Analytics to build System usage reports as well as integration with social networks (Facebook, Twitter) has been implemented.

Features and benefits:

  • Electronic registration of citizens who wish to create or sign a petition
  • Possibility of creating a new electronic petition to local governments that are connected to the System
  • Informing citizens of the procedure for filing electronic petitions, taking into account the specificities of the local government
  • Promulgation of the created petitions and ensuring the possibility of collecting signatures in support of the electronic petition
  • Recording the time of signature based on the procedure established for a particular local government (term of collection and number of signatures)
  • Possibility of search for electronic petitions
  • Transfer of petitions that have gained the required number of signatures to the relevant local government, indicating the date of the start of the signature collection, the date of the electronic petition, the total number and the list of persons who have signed electronic petition
  • Transfer of electronic petitions that have not gained the required number of signatures to the local government for review as an electronic application
  • Publication of information on the outcome of an electronic petition by a local government body
  • Publication on the official website of information on the petition which has gained the required number of signatures within the prescribed term
  • Conducting public initiative competitions
  • The petition portal administrator features are available through the standard Microsoft SharePoint interface