Approval of a vacation schedule is a comprehensive system that allows employees to plan ahead vacation schedules, to approve them in automatic mode with their managers and place the information in the personnel software of the company.

This system allows to significantly reduce time for approval of vacation schedules of employees, enables the distribution of employee’s vacations throughout the year and avoids overlap in the scheduling of vacations within the entire company.

Features and Advantages:

  • Automatic reminder to every employee about the need to provide their vacation schedule for the next year
  • System of reminders and monitoring of the provision of vacation schedules by employees
  • Visual display of vacation periods for each employee
  • Visualization of the summary vacation schedule per department. This allows to avoid "overlaps" in the planning of vacation schedules by the manager
  • Automated business process of approval of the vacation schedule by all the relevant managers
  • Automated business process of agreeing changes to the existing vacation schedule for a specific employee
  • Automated business process of agreeing the requests for unscheduled vacation
  • Automatic reminder to the employee of the coming vacation with the need to confirm its relevance or submit for approval a proposal for a new vacation period
  • Automatic control over the number of vacation days with the ability to configure the number of vacation days for each employee
  • Traceability of status, timing and progress of tasks
  • Automatic identification of participants of the business process based on the information about the author of the document
  • Automatic forming of the approval page with the possibility of saving or printing
  • Integration with the company HR system and synchronize of vacation schedules with this software
  • Availability of a system of regular reminders to the employee in case of non-fulfillment of the assignment within the allotted time, with the possibility of sending a notice to his supervisor
  • Facilitation of interaction between employees of various departments of the Customer in the process of approval of the vacation schedule
  • Strengthening the control of employee performance
  • Ensuring transparency of business processes

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