Request for a certificate of employment is a tool that allows employees to create a request for a certificate of employment in automatic mode.

This tool simplifies the submission, processing and progressing of the request, significantly reducing the time spent on the agreement.

Features and Advantages:

  • Automated business process for execution of requests for certificates of employment
  • Support of 2 types of certificates: with and without indication of salary
  • Automatic identification of participants of the business process based on the information about the author and type of the request
  • Traceability of the request progress status
  • Automatic email circulation on the progress of the request
  • Traceability of status, timing and progress of tasks
  • Availability of a system of regular reminders to the employee in case of non-fulfillment of the assignment within the allotted time, with the possibility of sending a notice to his supervisor
  • Facilitation of interaction between employees of various departments of the customer in processing the request for a certificate of employment
  • Strengthening the control of employee performance
  • Ensuring transparency of business processes

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