Online Administrative Services Center is the web portal of information resources of Administrative Services Center of the organisation, which contains the general information about the center and the information about provided services.

The portal allows to download templates of documents for the provision of administrative services, apply for a service, check the status of processing your request, obtain administrative service results, etc.

Online Administrative Services Center includes:

  • General information (address, map, mode of operation, etc.)
  • News
  • Statistics
  • Possibility to download templates of documents for receiving services (application, consent to collection and processing of personal data, etc.)
  • Possibility for an applicant to check the processing status of a request
  • Ability to be listed in the queue for the service in case of integration with the electronic queue
  • Reference information on services provided - information service cards, which includes:
    • Information on the subject of the service
    • Information about the service center
    • Legislative and regulatory acts
    • Terms of service,
    • List of documents required to obtain the service
    • Procedure and way of presenting the documents
  • "Personal resident account", which provides the following functional:
    • User registration on the portal
    • User identification with BankID, electronic digital signature
    • Submission of an application for administrative service
    • Obtaining the results of administrative service execution
    • Displaying the history of user hits
The maximum efficiency of the Online Administrative Services Center can be achieved by its integration with the internal document management system of the organisation. Online Administrative Services Center has all necessary tools for integration with any document management system.

Integration with Online Administrative Services Center allows to:

  • Receive and process in the electronic document management system applications of residents sent from the web portal
  • Сheck the processing status of the applicant's requests on the portal
  • Transfer the results of the execution of administrative services for appeals to the portal
  • Display statistical data on administrative services and appeals processed in the electronic document management system on the portal