The Corporate Portal of the Supervisory Board is a modern and flexible tool designed to optimize the workflow of the company's strategic management body - the Supervisory Board, the adoption of effective management decisions and control over their execution.

The solution takes into account the competence and procedure for organizing the Supervisory Board and can equally successfully be used by companies and holdings of various industries: energy, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, enterprises of agrarian complex, retailing and distribution, alcohol industry, etc.

Features and Advantages:

  • Automation of the procedure for filing requests on approval of the Supervisory Board. Creation of a request takes place by filling in the following information to the form: a questionthat is proposed for approval, its brief explanation/grounds and the provision of a draft decision. The decision is made for each submitted request
  • Planning and visualization of the work schedule of the Supervisory Board: a schedule of written decisions, holding meetings, including meetings in presentia
  • Drawing up the agenda of the meeting, its approval by members of the Supervisory Board with the possibility of making proposals
  • Ability to set up route approvals for applications and meetings
  • Ability to set up messages / remind members of the council about the need to make certain decisions or take certain oncoming measures
  • Automation of the voting process separately for each issue with the ability to cast a vote for, abstain or vote against, proposing at the same time changes to the draft decision. Support for various algorithms for determining the results of voting
  • Determination of the results of voting with the indication of the names of the members of the Supervisory Board, who voted for, against, or abstained from voting. Documenting the content of the decisions made on each of the questions put to the vote
  • Formation of the minutes of the meeting of the Supervisory Board with indication of the following information: places, dates and times of the meeting; persons who participated in the meeting; agenda of the meeting; questions put to voting and voting results; the content of the decisions taken
  • Bringing decisions to the board to the attention of their performers, automating orders and monitoring their execution

Advantages of working with us:

  • More than 7 years of experience with the platform
  • All of our SharePoint platform specialists are certified developers, our company has Microsoft-partner status
  • More than 30 successfully completed projects, own products based on SharePoint platform
  • Experience in designing highly loaded systems (up to 5000 concurrent users)
  • Expertise and availability of ready-made solutions for the financial industry, energy companies, management companies
  • A full range of services for the development and implementation - from investigation and business requirements to implementation and support solutions
  • The functionality of the systems covers the spectrum of the main business processes of organizations and allows to customize business processes and systems to customer requirements
  • Own infrastructure for the project execution