The support portal (HelpDesk) is a system for automating the processing of requests from customers or internal users, ensuring the technical smooth operation of the customer's basic infrastructure. The portal allows you to interact without compromising the data security and has all the possibilities for seamless integration with existing systems.

The product is intended for banks and financial companies, commercial companies with customer service centers, service companies and public sector organizations.

The support portal was developed by Soft Xpansion International based on the free version of the Alfresco Community Edition platform. The system is easy to integrate with the existing customer systems and with the official web page of the company in particular through creation of a unified style.

The support portal consists of:

Information about the Portal:

  • Description of the system, its purpose and application, the main advantages and contact details of the participants
  • News - the possibility of obtaining information about the Portal updates, technical information and support for the transition to the resources of interest
  • Project map - interactive display of information about current implementation processes
  • Project statistics - obtaining data on the number of users, the number of transmitted data, as well as the number of requests

User accounts:

  • Library of Portal knowledge - useful information on the project, history of versions, updates and list of participants of the Portal
  • Subject collections - technical information, guidelines for using the Portal, guidance on incident management, examples of integrations
  • Bug tracker - incident / fault registration subsystem for first, second and third levels of support and integration with incident management officers
  • Event calendar - personal organizer

Private cage (for administrators):

  • Technical documentation - instructions for managing incidents, instructions for managing updates, other working documentation
  • Reports on connections and support - allow you to count and organize calls in different units of measurement, as well as in time

Administration panel:

  • Additional functions: E-mail settings, SMS notification, subscription to news, integration with social networks (Facebook, Twitter)

Benefits of adopting Support Portal (HelpDesk) from Soft Xpansion International

Support Portal (HelpDesk) solution is developed on the basis of the free Alfresco Community Edition platform, which provides secure and reliable data storage and high-performance characteristics of the solution.

Implementation of Support Portal (HelpDesk) can be done in Linux or Windows environment, does not require additional licenses, databases or application servers, thus reducing the total cost borne by the customer.

Support Portal (HelpDesk) can be integrated with existing customer information systems (CRM, accounting, and other accounting programs), customer's official web-site and social networks (Facebook, Twitter).

Soft Xpansion International offers a full range of services for the customization and implementation of the solution: preparation of terms of reference, completion and testing, preparation of the environment, deployment and configuration, commissioning, migration to the new system and integration with other systems, warranty and service support.